Facial & Massage Jade Roller



Want to look young and glowing without putting extra effort and spending a lot of dollars? So, why don’t you try an instant facial and massage solution?

Yes, Quality Topia’s facial and massage jade roller is right here for you to provide you with an ultimate beauty and freshness. Amazing product for any one looking to reduce wrinkles and promote circulation.

PREMIUM QUALITY – Our Premium facial and massage jade roller, manufactured using all natural and high-quality jade to provide you with youthful glowing skin in an effective, safe and reliable way. This jade roller provides your skin healthier healing and charming look. Tiger Eye, Amethyst and Rock Quartz are super soft and even more effective.

ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES – Now say goodbye to expensive anti-aging creams having side effects to harm your skin. This face massager and the facial roller is very effective and made of high quality natural stone to improve your skin complexion, detox your skin, reduce pigmentation, fight acne and reduce aging effects.

WELCOME GLOW – Say welcome to the fresh and glowing skin with this facial jade roller. It reduces visible pigmentation, dark spots, puffiness around the eyes; increases softness and elasticity; promotes blood circulation and ensures muscle relaxation. It also increases production of skin collagen to give you supple and smooth skin.

DOUBLE ROLLER – Beautifully designed double-sided jade roller to provide you with an easy application for all the body parts. It measures 150*45mm, large enough for perfect body massage; convenient to reach legs, back, arms, and other parts for full coverage.

CHARMING COLORS – No matter what the product is, girls are always choosy for colors. Keeping this in mind, this facial and massage jade roller comes in a variety of charming colors such as rock quartz, sodalite, opalite, tiger eye, red jasper and a lot more.  

Key Features:

  • Material: Natural Stone
  • Color: Variety of charming colors
  • Unique Gua sha stone

Pick your favorite color and add to CART now! Get this jade roller at a special discount!

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This Product ships in 12- 30 days!


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